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Marko's father, Boban Markovic, has been playing trumpet for more than thirty years. With such an example in the family, Marko's love for music grew stronger, along with the respect of his father's skills, which inspired him to to learn to play the trumpet himself before he turned five, dedicating all his free time to that instrument which will turn out to be his greatest passion.

At the age of fourteen, Marko was dragged into the world he often fantasized about for so long. He did not need to rehearse with the orchestra, because he knew the whole repertoire by heart. From the tour, which started in May 2002, Marko was a member of the orchestra, and meanwhile he became the lead solist. At the age of eighteen, Marko who became the main composer and the arranger, received a very responsible job: creative management of the orchestra.

Marko has over a thousand performances in concert halls and at festivals throughout Europe, North and South America as well as the collaboration with outstanding musicians including Emir Kusturica, Goran Bregovic, Saban Bajramovic, Frank London, Jerry Gonzalez, Paolo Fresu Roy Paci, Gru, Marcus Rojas, Livio Minafra, Miss Platinum, Sezen Aksu, Hüsnü Şenlendirici, Kalman Balogh, DJ Shantel, Magdi Ruzsa, Kolektiv, Calexico, Peter Ralcev, Ivo Papazov, Feruz Mustafov, Esma Redzepova, Fahir Atakoglu, Vasil Hadzimanov, Jovan Pavlovic and many others.

Marko was a composer and a lead singer of the entire album by Justyna Steczkowska, a very famous Polish singer. German movie Fur Immer, which was shown at Darling Berlin festival 2015, in which Marko was a composer of the entire soundtrack.

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