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Lightwave Theatre is a Romanian independent visual theatre company specialized in human-size puppet shows for adults. In just four years of activity, Lightwave has been selected to step on national and international stages in Great Britain, Croatia, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria and many other with a portfolio which includes three theatre plays: “Reflection”, “Loverphysics” and, most recent, “It’s me, Annabel”. Regarding public TV appearances, Lightwave Theatre has boldly approached the Romanian public at Romania’s Got Talent in 2015, receiving a Golden Buzzer, and also the German one as finalist at Die Puppenstars talent show.


In 2013, Cristina-Andreea Ion founded Lightwave Theatre and imagined a visual theatre company with shows for the adult public, an unexplored Romanian artistic niche for independent companies. Petru Stratulat, a radio presenter from Bucharest, embraced the idea and together launched the company with one puppet on many TV shows, bringing the art of human-size puppetry for adults in front of millions.

The first play had its premiere on 1st of March 2014, and it was the first stage experience for Lightwave Theatre Company. “Reflection”, a non-verbal play with four puppets, has been very appreciated by the public and it’s still being performed today on national and international stages. Once started, the creativity couldn’t be stopped, so Lightwave approached Iulian Tanase, a Romanian poet, for the rights to use one of his books in a very complex play with seven human-size puppets, including a strange puppet: an unborn baby moving inside a transparent belly. This is how “Loverphysics” came to life. It took a crowdfunding campaign to be able to raise the budget needed for a show this big. The play premiered on 27th of June 2014.


The next two years Lightwave Theatre toured Romania and a few European countries performing “Reflection” and “Loverphysics”, and had the courage to appear on two talent shows. One of them, Die Puppenstars, is specialized in puppetry and it’s a great honor for the company to have had the privilege to perform as finalists ranking in top 10 next to incredibly big puppet companies from all over the world.


In 2017, Lightwave Theatre launched its third production, “It’s me, Annabel” proud to have a great actor in a leading role, Bebe Cotimanis, who gave them the Golden Buzzer at Romania’s Got Talent in 2015.


The company loves to combine different types of artistic expression to deliver its message in a bold manner.


“We are stepping in uncharted territory of the Romanian artistic landscape, carving our own path”



Genre: Visual Theatre with life-size puppets for the adult audience

Duration: 50 minutes

Text: Non-verbal

Age of audience: 13+

An emotional story without words which will touch you profoundly. Life-size puppets interacting with those on the body of the puppeteers and the actors in a story that will take you on a conflicting journey. A man and a woman live their second youth in their garden, trying to overcome a tragic experience that set them apart. The joy of the past is revived by the sadness of the present.

I t' s  m e,   A n n a b e l


Genre: Visual Theatre with life-size puppets for the adult audience

Duration: 55 minutes

Text: Romanian with English surtitles

Age of audience: 13+ 

Back to her childhood home, she finds her diary which she kept untill her teen years. Annabel is an ordinary little girl from an ordinary family, difunctional like any other, who through her big imagination tries to get over her parents fights, growing up and facing teenage temptations. Human-size puppets in a new show produced by Lightwave Theatre Company.

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