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Although often compared to their better-known supporters System of a Down and former tour-mates Gogol Bordello, Kultur Shock’s sound is anti- establisment to the ragged bone; a hybrid of native trad and Western rock that asks more questions than it answers.


Led by vocalist and songwriter Gino Srdjan Yevdjevich, a former Yugoslav pop star turned anarchist, Kultur Shock's latest release finds the band embracing their heavier side with bombastic Sabbath-style riffs eloping with odd-metered rhythms that inexplicably result in their most danceable release to date. 


Yevdjevich's longing wail on opening track “Choko ko ko” is an explicit warning to passive listeners that they might reconsider the nature of their visit. Introductions aside, Ministry of Kultur wastes no time doing away with any preconceptions of the band. Kultur Shock's signature sound is in tact but on a whole new level; from the Balkan punk madness of Mujo Kuje to the self-preservationists battle-cry Duga, this is a band rediscovering itself in front of listeners' ears.

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