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Äl Jawala´s unique mash-up sounds generously ignore any limitations of genre and purity! Eastern Brass meets roots percussions, Bellydance goes Rock ´n´ Roll and their didgeridoo sounds like an Acid-Trance machine! „German Quality, Balkan Soul“ a listener in Bucharest described their music!


Indeed Äl Jawala roots are much closer to Black Forest than to the Balkans and they grew up with Beastie Boys, Nirvana and Electro parties, instead of Brass bands like Boban Markovic.


Their first encounter with the eastern sound was at the end of the 90´s. Hungry for inspiration they absorbed everything they could hear, made researches, travelled, got to know other musicians and played over 800 concerts all over Europe!


Meanwhile they are re-importing their very own version of Balkan-Beats back to their original countries and are causing amazement - not only there. A danceable culture shock that you just cannot resist!

For eleven years Äl Jawala (Arabic for „the travellers“) have been travelling along their exceptional musical way. Transcending all folklore clichés they have evolved from a busking band to a popular live band all over Europe.

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea - in China, Jordan or in their hometown Freiburg – the five Balkan Beat ambassadors from South Germany inspire audiences with their infectious energy on stage and deliver sweat-soaked t-shirts and uncontrollably dancing crowds.


As a live act they got invited to Shantel´s Bucovina Club and opened for Emir Kusturica. 2007 they won the German Creole Award for Worldmusic.



In 2000 everything began with streetmusic, lots of new ideas and self-made Demo CDs, that sold like hot cakes! Soon Clubs and Festivals approached the Band. Äl Jawala toured in Germany, France and Switzerland. Balkan Big Beats Nights they called their concert- and party series, they created 2002 in Freiburg. 2004 Bassist Daniel Verdier completed the band. 2005 they got to know DJ and producer Stefan Hantel aka Shantel, who invited them to play as Live Act at his Bucovina Club parties. 2006 they went to Romania the first time and played at Stufstock Festival, PLai Festival and got to know Romanias No1 band Urma! Äl Jawala released three live albums on their own label Jawa Records, before they devoted themselves to studio work. 2009 they released Asphalt Pirate Radio – their first studio album. 2011 they released The Ride.

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