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Touring in EU

"Our traditional music reflects our experience of the tragedy of war over the course of the past thousand years," says lead vocalist Marichka Marczyk, who spend the better part of the past 20 years travelling to villages across the Ukrainian plains learning traditional polyphony as an ethnomusicologist. "We draw on that beautiful expression of tragedy and our more recent collective experience and try to make it a source of strength and unity for others."


lemon boucket orkestra back in europe 
this summer

Lemon Bucket Orkestra is a guerilla-punk-party-brass band massive like no other. Tracing their roots back to the streets of Toronto, the original quartet of busking troubadours quickly amassed a battalion of like-minded musical souls and the full-blown, dozen-plus strong Orkestra was born.


russkaja  "no one is illegal"
new song
dubioza kolektiv "wild wild east"
new song
russkaja feat dubioza kolektiv
boris kovac
the newest
artist from our

Boris Kovač (1955) is a composer, reeds player and multimedia artist from the Vojvodina region, the northern part of the present day Serbia. He composes music for chamber groups he rehearses and leads, moreover many of his projects are to some extent connected with theatre. During the period from 1991 until 1995 he used to live and work in Italy, Slovenia and Austria.


Naked live - seoul
agso live - bucovina rock castle 
russkaja live - bucovina rock castle
balaklava blues

"charismatic, handsome, ambitious" New York Times


"gorgeously sung and passionately played... an evocation of human solidarity" The Guardian


"An earnest and engaging reflection on post-traumatic stress and the attempts we make to move forward." CBC Arts



fanfare ciocarlia

Start their 84th European tour on 16.01.: 16 of 24 shows sold out before tour start


Coca Cola U.S. & Canada commisioned Fanfare Ciocarlia to record the music for the latest advertising campaign



Spanish beer brand Cruzcampo (Heineken) commisioned Fanfare Ciocarlia to produce & to record the soundtrack for the latest advertising beer campaign


balaklava blues
   music against war