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Worldly Savages

Gypsy Punk, Folk Music Energy with Ethno Music | Serbia/Canada

Worldly Savages is a trans-cultural music project birthed by Erik Mut in Belgrade, Serbia in 2008, raised in Toronto, Canada and matured touring all around Europe and is now based in London, England. Worldly Savages is a band in the Gypsy Punk tradition, combining Folk Music from Eastern Europe and beyond with Punk Rock Energy, creating fun and energetic music which gets people dancing and screaming, but also has a profound message...

The band has released 3 EPs, Crazyman (2008), Make Them Go Insane (2011) & Dirty Little Stray Cat (2012). The band has done two continential European tours the Stray Cat tour (2010) and the Get in the Van Tour (2012), getting a warm reception from audiences in more than 15 countries. The band will continue to play around the UK & Europe in 2012, playing some of UK's most popular underground festivals in the summer & the next major tour in October 2012.

The musicians who play and have played with the band come from many different cultural backgrounds and regions of the world. Countries which have been represented in the band's line-up during its three year history include Canada, Serbia, USA, Ukraine, France, Mexico, Chile, Scotland, Portugal, England and Russia. With the trans-cultural aspects of the music attracting and uniting players of different cultures in playing this borderless and nomadic music.

Pentru ei show-ul e la fel de puternic indiferent ca e intr-un studio radio, ambasada sau intr-o gradinita. Recent, ei au ajuns pe mai multe canale media cunoscute din lume, printre care CNN si Nytimes.com, dupa ce au cantat ad-hoc in avionul care-i aducea in Romania pentru turneul Balkan Station.